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Work Experience Training Our personalised accounting is aimed at both students and employees looking to improve personal skills and competences in accountancy. Our bespoke training has be designed by ex-students for students and is aimed at providing individuals with essential practical skills necessary in todayís competitive environment. Our training focuses on bridging the gap between theoretical and practical accounting.

Our practical based approach ensures that individuals familiarise themselves with formal documentation and obtain confirdence in surrounding themselves in a professional environment. At DNA it does not matter what your level of knowledge is, what is important is that you want to make a difference.

Our training courses are aimed at;

  • Individuals with little practical experience
  • Individuals looking to gain experience for the CV
  • Individuals looking to gain valuable UK practical experience
  • Students and Graduates
  • Individuals new to accounting
  • Individuals looking to get back into accountancy
  • Get in touch with the DNA and letís book you in on our next training.